Living on the edge

If you are like me, you like to have everything planned out. But I have quickly found that when we really follow Jesus Christ and are willing to do whatever he wants, that we can’t live like that. Instead we have to live day by day and learn to trust Him to make it happen. It’s called “faith”. We throw that term around so easily today. We can say we have faith in God, but until it is tested, it is only talk.

Our church recently purchased a building and 21 acres on faith. For our size church, it is a big step of faith and a huge risk. I had no idea where to get all the money we needed to even buy the property. But I also felt like it was ours. I have to give God the credit because we were able to purchase it and we have now entered a new phase of needing to renovate the space. Here we are again, not sure how or where the resources will come from to help us meet this challenge. It’s like we face one faith challenge and when we get through that one, there is another one waiting for us.

Any time we are called to act in faith it is going to take risk. If we are only willing to risk a little, I believe we will only see a little in return.  I love the quote, “the greater the risk the greater the reward”. For me, following Jesus Christ is an all or nothing venture. I am willing to risk everything and go belly up than to stay comfortable and do nothing significant for Him.

How about you? What are you willing to risk for serving God? Your dignity, your money, your comfort?

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