I love when summer finally arrives. It feels so good outside. Sometimes I even wish that it would stay summer all long. But then you hit those sweltering, HOT summer days and you recant that request. Perhaps that is why God made seasons for us.

In Ohio we have 4 seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I think I am growing to love the different seasons. Each season brings anticipation for the next. I know that fall will be approaching in a few months and I LOVE fall. Football, comfortable temperatures and did I mention football? Thank God for seasons.

Just like the physical seasons we have, I believe we also have different seasons in our life. And some of the seasons we go through are difficult and even sometimes painful. Just like the hot days of summer, we find ourselves in uncomfortable, sticky times when all we can think about is not being there. But in the moments we must remember that God has a plan for even those difficult seasons of our life.

No matter what season you find yourself in right now, remember that ‘this too will pass’ and that God has another season for you. Perhaps God has allowed this season in your life to show you something about Him you couldn’t learn anywhere else.

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