This week we are kicking off a new message series called Viral. When you think about the word Viral you think about those crazy Youtube videos that seem to span the globe in a matter of minutes on the web.

Think about it, today any kid with a computer and camera can capture footage and it can become world renown in a matter of moments. All it takes is for one person to tell his or her friends who all tell their friends and all of a sudden it has gone VIRAL.

I wonder if this was Jesus’ idea of what the church would do with his message. I wonder what would happen if the church became truly viral with the Gospel. Not only would a message of hope flood the world in a short time, but the world would be changed. It all starts somewhere and with someone.

Are you that someone? Have you been infected (or affected) by God? If so, talk with someone this week. Invite them to church. Be VIRAL!

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