You belong, and we thank you.

Our current series, BELONG, has been about how we are all looking for a way to belong. This Friday night is all about celebrating our “BELONGERS” at Crossroads.TV, our VOLUNTEERS. This group of people realizes that the church needs them, just as much as they need the church. They don’t just attend church, they are the church!

Every weekend our volunteers give their time, their talents, and their hearts to our mission, “Helping People Get on the Path to God.” Lives are changed because our volunteers create an experience that allows others to have a real encounter with the Jesus. Whether they are behind the scenes, greeting at the door, teaching children or leading a ccGroup, every volunteer is important, and we know that we couldn’t do it without them.

The leadership and staff of Crossroads.TV wants our volunteers to know that we are so grateful for what they do. We are going to celebrate and show our love for them at our Volunteer Event 2013. We couldn’t create an event big enough to show our volunteers how much we appreciate them, but we are sure going to try. This Event is going to be our best one yet! (There’s even a chocolate fountain!)

Thank you, Thank you to our Volunteers. We love you guys! Can’t wait to see you this Friday night.

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