That’s the number of people who took their next step in following Jesus this past weekend in our church – 185. One hundred and eighty-five people got baptized. Can we pause for a moment to consider that God is building something great in our church? BTW- that’s over 10% of the number of people that attended a Crossroads.TV campus this past weekend! That’s insane. Now, imagine when our church is reaching 10,000 people on the weekend. I pray for the day when we get to witness over 1,000 people taking their next step in water baptism. It’s coming.

Watch the Recap:

Also, take some time to watch this past weekend’s message. Not only did I talk about water baptism, but I shared a message that speaks to our season of Build The House. It’s a message of vision that shares my heart for the kind of church that God is building here.

Don’t forget, next weekend is our Commitment Weekend. It is going to be very special. Do not miss it! Bring some tissues. Come ready to take a step of faith and to help us Build the House. If you cannot attend in person this weekend, you can still make your commitment online here.

See you this weekend!