Is there a good use for debt?

I asked the question last time, “Is there ever a good reason to go into debt?”  This is a hard one to answer.  It’s hard to say “yes” to this question knowing that debt represents losing a bit of our freedom.  But permit me to play devils advocate for a […]

More on Debt…

This past Sunday I spoke on “Closing the Door on Debt”.  After the message I heard a few responses that led me to expound a little more on debt.  It is impossible to address every unique situation in a 30 minute message.  For many, debt is a real issue.  But […]

3 Questions

When hard times come how do you internalize it?  We all take hardship differently.  But one thing we always wonder is, “Am I the cause of this problem?”  Some hardships we go through because we cause them, others we go through because we have an enemy who wants to bring […]

Dealing with your ADD

Is it a wonder that so many people consider themselves (without a medical diagnosis) ADD in our current culture?  I find myself so easily distracted on a daily basis.  Maybe our fast paced, overstimulated, caffeine addicted world has helped create short attention spans.   We simply live our lives and […]


Recently my wife celebrated her 30th birthday.  Turning thirty seems to be pretty rough for women.  It seems guys have a more difficult time turning 40.  Maybe thats because guys tend to stay active later in life.  My wife handled it pretty well, but it was rough for her too. […]

Easter Rocked

I hope you had a great Easter.  We did.  Our church was packed full on Easter.  We had a great turnout and an amazing service.  Our band did some incredible music to kick off our new series Doors.  They did “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” GNR style, “Something Corporate” an original […]

Holy Week – I’m Stressed

This past Sunday I gave a message on how to deal with stress while trying to life a great life.  I honestly don’t believe we can get rid of stress.  It’s all around us.  And when I look at Jesus’ life during his ministry, I realize that he dealt with […]

Keeping Life Simple

Do you ever feel that life is far too complicated? Technology has made life more convenient but also more complicated. We have gadgets with more buttons that I can even figure out…and I worked in a technology field for years. Every year we have to file taxes that can be […]

The Truth About Leadership – Part 2

In my last blog I wrote about Moses pastoring a mega church by himself. Moses was on a course to wear himself out and frustrate the people of Israel. His father-in-law gave him some great advice to help him stay focused on what God called him to do. Jethro told […]

The Truth About Leadership – Part 1

In the book of Exodus, Moses learns a valuable lesson from his father-in-law, Jethro (lol – I just don’t associate that name with biblical times).  Moses is really the first pastor we find in the Bible.  God called him and appointed him to be the leader of Israel.  In a […]