Check your frequency

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I desperately want to hear from God. I might have a big decision that needs to be made and I want to know that I’m making the right one. So I am driven to spend more time in God’s Word and get up earlier so I can spend more time in prayer. I say, “Okay God…speak now.” And almost everytime I do that, I never get the answer…then. That’s frustrating!

But then, at a time when I’m not focused in deep prayer or reading God’s Word, the confirmation or answer will come. It’s the weirdest thing. I have felt God confirm things in my heart while on phone conversations with people, listening to someone else preach, or just driving down the road. I can’t figure out God. I don’t know why He does that.

I am learning that the most important thing we can do is ALWAYS be listening for Him. I believe God speaks to us through so many ways, but most of the time we are so tuned into other things we don’t hear him speaking. When we constantly talk with God throughout the day and stay tuned into His Spirit, we can hear his voice so much more! (John 10:14-16)

Does that mean I don’t need to get up earlier or spend more time with Him? NO!!! I believe God uses that time to PREPARE me to hear from him. To get me in tune with Him first. If I don’t TUNE into his voice in those quiet times, I don’t believe I will RECOGNIZE Him at other times.

Check your frequency… Get in tune with Him and you will begin to hear his voice…even at times when you least expect it.

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