Christmas Eve!

It’s Christmas Eve and as I write this we are getting ready for our last 2 Christmas Experiences.  There is still time to get down here for them.  If you are missing them, I feel so sorry for you.  Last night was incredible.  The band and the tech team knocked it out of the park as we filled the auditorium with crowds of people.

Today, we are expecting more of the same. For us this is probably our biggest production of the year. It’s a lot of hours and hard work, but worth it when we see the end result.  I truly believe there were many people touched by God through our experience.

I just want to take a moment to say how proud I am of the people in our church and how incredible thankful I am for the amazing talent we have.  We have so many volunteers who GIVE of their time and talents to make it an incredible experience.  I give all the glory for it to God!  He is putting together something special and it is an honor to lead it.

I hope to see you tonight.  But if not, have a Merry Christmas!!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve!

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