Harvest Time

Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 9:37 that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. No, Jesus wasn’t talking about agriculture. He was talking about people. In other words he’s really saying, “There are people all around us who are ready NOW to be reached with the Gospel.” (my paraphrase!)

When I think about how many people live in the communities around us and how few of them we are reaching…it troubles me. Do you realize that probably most of the people living on your street are headed to eternity in hell! Does that motivate you? What if you could be part of stopping it from happening?

I truly believe there are many people around us who are “ripe” for the Gospel. But unless we go to them…they will not hear.

I am praying for a BIG harvest this fall at our church. I am asking God to use us to reach many people with the Gospel. We are working on a big message series and we need to get busy laboring in the harvest field. We need laborers. We need people who will go out into the streets and bring them in to hear the Gospel. Will you labor with me? If so, then pray and pray often for it and bring as many as you can.

I am pumped about this message series we are kicking off on August 30th. You will hear more about it in the upcoming weeks. Church get ready!

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