Hey Crossroads, let’s celebrate!

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate what God did through our church over Easter weekend. It was a record setting Easter weekend for our church at both campuses, and the most exciting thing that we get to celebrate is 87 people had their lives and eternities forever changed by Jesus! Each one of those lives will end up affecting generations of families to come.



Here is the breakdown of salvations:

Lithopolis – 56
Lancaster – 30
Online – 1

I want to pause and thank two groups of people that played a huge part in what we witnessed this weekend. The first group I need to thank is our incredible volunteers! We had stories of first-time guests who were able to receive the Gospel because someone was ministering to their child in ccKids. Our kids numbers nearly doubled, and we still managed to meet their needs without any problems. We also had near capacity crowds and our ushers, greeters, parkers and VIP hosts handled it all with class! Without our volunteers, none of this happens. I am so thankful for you.

I also want to thank every person who invited and brought someone to church this past weekend. We set the table, and you gathered the guests around the table to experience the Gospel. Your partnership with us to invite people is what resulted in seeing 87 people meet Christ. From young teenagers to people in their 50’s, so many received Next Step Kits this weekend! Only God!

If you missed last weekend – you can watch the Easter message here.

I love you church, and I also know that the Best is Yet to Come!

9 thoughts on “Hey Crossroads, let’s celebrate!

  1. i attended the Easter service with my daughter and her future husband. It’s about the 4rh time I’ve been to crossroads. I live out of town. I’ve never experienced church like this. I felt God all around me. It was such a moving experience. I found myself looking and reading more and more and when I got home. Been watching online sermons and want to be a child of God. I never felt I was good enough but I can be better with Him. I will be following sermons online and cannot wait to visit again to be in church again. I’m so excited to let God into my life. I and ready to accept Christ into my life and let him envelope me. Thank you for letting God work through you to help me see the true light.

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