Is Halloween evil?

I have never dressed up for Halloween…never. Not because I think it’s wrong, but because my family just never participated in Halloween growing up. It was a bit taboo for people in the church to celebrate what was surely the “devil’s day.” Instead of celebrating this day, we just turned the lights off and hid.

What were we hiding from? I’m not quite sure. I guess we didn’t want to look like we were home when those evil little munchkins from the neighborhood showed up at our door. What would they think? What kind of witness would we be if joined them in this ritual of darkness? Aside from participating in rotting their teeth, surely we would be showing our support for Satan, right?

But maybe not. Maybe by trying to protect our witness we were actually losing it. Perhaps, we were losing any opportunity to witness to them about Jesus. Maybe we were separating ourselves as “those people who don’t care about the neighborhood kids.” I wonder what kind of stigma we create by standing our ground and holding on to our church morals.

I won’t get into the history of Halloween, but maybe you should research it. My wife and I did. We read a book about the origin of this day and found that it wasn’t all about devil worship. Now, we see this day differently.

I have gotten to know a lot of my neighbors over the years, and I figured out that most of them don’t worship Satan, even though they celebrate Halloween. In fact, for most non-believers, this day is for their kids. It’s a day to let their kids dress up as their hero and bring in some sweet goodies. Can we really fault them for it?

Instead of avoiding Halloween, my wife and I decided early on that we would “love our neighbors” by giving candy to the neighborhood kids and by getting to know them. Sure, it took a few years to not feel guilty. But now, I see that we can open more doors to share the good news of Jesus by being a loving neighbor.

And…we get to eat some candy too!!

What do you think? Is Halloween evil to you?

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