The Hookup Challenge

We just finished a relationship series called “The Hookup”.  It was inspired by a series by Ed Young called “Wholly Holy”.  Yesterday, I spoke very candid with married couples about what the Bible has to say in 1 Cor 7:1-5.  I think many people turned a little red even.  Listen, if the church doesn’t say the truth about everything, people will get their message from the world.

I gave married couples a 7 day challenge to romance each other.  Men, you are to romance your wife with words!  They love that stuff.  If you need help, I suggest Song of Solomon 4. Ladies, you are to romance your guy in the way you know he will receive love the best!  That might just be getting it on in the bedroom!   The Bible basically says: “have sex married couples” – it is protection for your marriage.

So married couples – get dating.  Don’t forget – to make your marriage to be great, you must date your mate!

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