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This past weekend we launched a new series called Speak Now based on relationship situations.  The band performed “Say” by John Mayer, which was a perfect fit for this series.  We actually have a lot of special music planned for this series, so don’t miss any weeks.  Here’s the review:

  • Yes, I was inspired by Taylor Swift’s latest CD “Speak Now” to do this series.
  • No, it was not my CD…but my daughter’s.  Although I do have her albums on my iPhone!
  • We need relationships.  God designed us that way.
  • Biggest problem with relationship breakdowns is offenses.
  • Relationships will always put you in reach of someone else’s throw-up.
  • Relational throw-up is what happens when you get offended by someone else.
  • One of the biggest temptations in relationship offenses is to take our toys and run away rather than speaking up about it.
  • Jesus told a powerful parable in Matthew 18 regarding this issue.  (Matthew 18:23-35)
  • The servant who received mercy and refused to show mercy is a picture of us receiving forgiveness from Christ, yet refusing to forgive others.
  • When someone hurts us, the natural thing to do is to lock them up in a prison of unforgiveness.
  • Truly, people that offend you can never fully pay back what you feel was lost.
  • The reason we struggle to forgive others is because we don’t think our debt of sin is that big.
  • As long as you keep people in the prison of unforgiveness, you will be tied to that prison as the guard.
  • The only way we can find freedom is by giving up the right to get even and trusting God to cover our hurt.
  • I challenged people to go to the person who has hurt them and let them know, as well as forgive.  It’s not easy and doesn’t always mean things will be worked out, but it is our call.

In case you missed it, here is the message online.

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