Weekend Update

This past weekend was historic for our church.  We had our first Saturday evening experiences and they were hot.  The turnout was awesome and the crowd was energetic.  Of course I can’t leave Sunday out.  Crowds on Sunday were pretty packed as well.  God is moving in our church and I believe we are on the verge of new momentum.

The message was intense, to say the least.  I brought the cold hard truth about generosity that was a bit in your face if you are a follower of Christ.  If you missed it, you should watch it online this week.  Here are a few highlights:

  • God showed me that I was not a generous person a year ago!
  • This series comes more from what God has begun in me than anything else.
  • The churches in Macedonia were broke but happy!  That is not a combination that we often see.  (2 Cor 8:2)
  • Yes, I said that cats and fried rice go together really well.  Especially with a little spice on it.
  • Sadly, so many people are chasing happiness in what they can achieve or acquire.  They are also left empty.
  • True joy only comes from knowing Jesus and his salvation!!
  • This is an unexplainable equation: Overflowing Joy + Extreme Poverty = Rich Generosity  (Figure that one out)
  • 2 Cor 8:3 might be the best definition of generosity I’ve seen.
  • I shared some statistics regarding the giving at our church.  I was shocked to say the least.
  • It bothers me that so few people give to what God is doing through the church.  No wonder the church is as ineffective as it has been.
  • God used 2 Cor 8:7 to rock my world.  I’m called to GROW or EXCEL in the grace of giving.  Not just stay the same.
  • I used to think I was generous, till God showed my that by giving the tithe I wasn’t generous but simply faithful.
  • The tithe is what God expects as a starting point from us.  To be generous is to give BEYOND that.
  • My family took a step of faith to become generous and increased our percentage of what we are giving through the church a year ago.  God has continued to meet our needs!
  • I want to see us take a step of faith each year to increase our giving.
  • The reason I get so passionate about this is because of what I know our church can do if our people get generous.  We will change this city!!
  • I am so THANKFUL for the few people who are faithful to support this ministry.  God has done something amazing through so few.
  • If we want to be like our Savior, we will have to become generous.  He gave everything for us!!  He is the one we measure ourselves against.

I challenge everyone who calls Crossroads their church to take a step toward generosity.  Give something.  Commit to the tithe if that is your next step.  If you’ve been faithful to God with the tithe for years, take a step toward becoming generous!

Perhaps, join me in becoming generous and together we’ll impact this world.

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