7 steps to having a GREAT Christmas

I can smell it!  Christmas is almost here.  We have discovered that Christmas is our BEST opportunity as a church to reach people with the Gospel.  That get’s me fired up.  And the type of Christmas experiences we put on are over the top.

Here are 7 steps to having a great Christmas this year.

1)  Get tickets to a Christmas Experience NOW!  Tickets are going quickly.  We only have a limited number of seats and you NEED to have a ticket.  They are free.  You just need to reserve your spot.  We are doing this because we don’t want to have 500 people show up at 1 experience while we scratch our heads and tell them to come back another day.  We want to make sure EVERYONE gets to be part of it.  Reserve them here.

2)  Invite everyone you know that doesn’t know Jesus.  There’s no better time of the year to introduce people to Jesus than a holiday based on Him!  People will go to church with you if you just ask.  I have already given out all of my Pixel Perfect invite cards and have to get more.  (You can stop by Guest Services to pick up some more)   Seriously, I have friends that attend this experience that never go to church.  They come every year because we offer a quality presentation of the Gospel.

3)  Invite them again.  I have people that I’ve been trying to get to come to our church for years.  They often come up with an excuse probably because they are fearful.  Don’t stop asking them.  Trust me if you are a real friend to them and don’t just treat them like a notch to be had on your spiritual belt, they will not get offended.  I will not stop inviting them or sharing with them when I know that at any moment they could lose their life and their soul.

4)  Pray like crazy that God moves in the lives of the people you bring.  I promise you this, I will give an opportunity for people to hear and respond to the Gospel.  Read these verses then start praying every day for them. Romans 1:16; Romans 10:13; 2 Cor 5:17-21

5)  Come early.  Don’t show up late.  That would be moronic. You wouldn’t be late for a movie!  Be there 15 minutes early and EXPECT to be seated.  Do not be a jerk to our seaters!  If I find out you are a jerk I will be getting your name and will blog and tweet about you!!   We expect over 1000 people to be here.  Be early and patient for your turn to be seated.  And don’t try to sit like you are at the movies.  That won’t fly.  We expect to fill every seat.  Be respectful of the fact that tons of new people will be there.  Show them who Christ is by your attitude!!

6)  Be ready to worship Jesus.  Usually our experience does include a lot of the amazing sounds of Christmas for you to enjoy.  But this year we also have a time in the experience when you can join us in worshiping Jesus.  Don’t stand there like dead weight.  Engage the God who sent his only son to this earth for you.  Be ready and come with energy.

7)  Be respectful of those around you.  If you have little kids with you and they make noise, get up and head out quietly to our cry room.  I know you might miss some of it, but don’t make the other hundreds miss it to.  Especially when the Gospel is presented.   We love your kids.  However, we don’t want anything to be a distraction for people to hear and respond to the Gospel.

Can’t wait.  Hope to see you there.

Merry Christmas

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