What are you steering toward?

Sailing always intrigues me. When I was younger a good friend of mine took me sailing on a beautiful lake. And I was amazed how far we could go and how we could get where we wanted to go without a motor. It’s a completely different feeling being on a sailboat than on a powerboat. We hoisted the main sail (always wanted to say that), and simply guided the boat to where we wanted to go. It’s amazing how you can harness the power of the wind to move yourself to where you want to go.

I sometimes feel life is like being on a sailboat. You can’t push yourself to where you want to be. You can’t always make it happen. But you can steer the boat. The question is what are you steering toward? Are you steering toward anything of real significance in this life? What are you aiming for in this life? If you don’t aim for anything, you’ll leave everything up to the wind.

I can tell you that what I’m aiming for. I’m aiming for reaching thousands of people who aren’t sure where they are headed with the truth about Jesus Christ. How do I hope to do this? Through building a church that cares about people’s destination. If I didn’t have this vision in my life I’d probably be working to get a better house, newer car, and million dollar retirement. While those might be good goals to steer toward, I know that they are worthless when I breathe my last.

So what are you aiming for? Can you take it with you when you reach your destination? Will anyone else be affected by your boat?

14 thoughts on “What are you steering toward?

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