What’s on your Christmas list?

What do you want for Christmas? Are you one of those people that has a list ready to give to the first person that asks? Or does that question catch you off guard, even though you know people are going to ask?

I never have a good answer to that question. I guess there are many things that I would like to have, but not enough to narrow it down and to be ready to tell someone. Perhaps I’m just too particular, and that makes it hard for people to shop for me. So that leaves me to give my default answer…money.

Then I had this thought, “What if God asked you what you wanted for Christmas?” How would you answer Him? Would you go to the most expensive item on your mind, the one you’re too afraid to tell anyone else lest they think you are a premadonna? Would you be able to come up with something you really want but can’t ever get on your own?

Here’s what I can tell you. If God asked me this question, I would know exactly what to tell Him. In fact, I do tell Him all the time. My prayer is that when our church holds our Christmas Experiences, that we would see MANY people cross over from death to life. Nothing else is as exciting to me than to know that we can put together a presentation of the Gospel and that God would use it to lead people to eternity.

I think about the lives that can be radically changed in one moment. I think about the families that could be saved in just one moment. I think about the generations that could be altered because of that one moment. What present could be better than that? What could bring as much joy as knowing that “we” had a small part to play in seeing people find hope in Jesus this Christmas?

Nothing. There is no greater gift to me.

So I invite you to pray with me as we invite people to hear the good news about Jesus. I encourage you to invite your waiter, friend, neighbor, co-worker, classmate or family member that is far from God. I ask you to join with me in giving God our Christmas list – to see people get on the path to God this Christmas.

P.S. There is still time to reserve tickets for yourself and someone you are inviting. www.crossroads.tv/christmas

170 thoughts on “What’s on your Christmas list?

  1. Amen, Pastor! This has been my prayer for weeks! Many, many lives are going to be changed. Hope, freedom, healing and most of all, eternal life with Jesus is going to fill each experience. I have such expectation-I can’t wait to see all that God is going to do! Praying for you!

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