What’s stopping us?

This past weekend we celebrated 1 year of ministry in Lithopolis. Since moving to Lithopolis we have seen dozens of people give their lives to Christ, around 50 people baptized and so many other incredible things. I want to give God all the credit for what has happened in our church. And I firmly believe this is just the beginning for what God wants to do in His Church through us.

Until we experienced this incredible growth I never understood the truth behind Ephesians 4:16. It says that “…the whole body…grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.” In other words, when everyone in the body (or church) does its part, the church grows. Which means that when people DON’T step up to the plate…the church WON’T grow!

Over this past year I have seen this happen! We have so many incredible people serving at our church. They are impacting people’s lives. So much that we are moving to 3 new worship experiences on October 4th. And we need people in the body to step up and help us continue to grow. Otherwise we just keep overworking certain parts and in the end…the church suffers.

I truly believe that the Church is so close to experiencing an even greater harvest than we’ve seen. All we need are those followers of Christ who come and just sit on the sidelines to get off their “duffs” and get in the game. I believe when this happens the Church around the world will see incredible things happen.

Am I fired up about this? YES!!! Churches around this world are crippled because of this. So, I’m calling you out. If you are a professed follower of Christ and you simply just “go to church” each weekend, enjoy yourself and never help out…you are a pansy! If you always take and never give…you are a punk! Get off your duff, serve in your church and be part of what Jesus called you to do.

For those of you who give of your time each weekend to serve at our church…you are my hero! I’m honored to serve you.

I’ll get off my soap box for now.

7 thoughts on “What’s stopping us?

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