Every time I write the date 9/11 I am instantly reminded of that dreadful day. Most of us remember where we were when it all happened. I wonder if people felt like that in the years that followed Dec. 7, 1941? It reminds me that we are still in a fight and have soldiers on the line today.

In fact, this week someone my wife used to work with lost a son-in-law to a bombing in Iraq. I was shocked by that news as we rarely hear about those military deaths in the media today. But the fight is still very real and our troops still are putting their lives on the line for us every day. Remember them today and pray for them.

Remembering how those 3,000+ people died unexpectedly reminds me that the Church is still in a fight for lives every day. And this fight carries an even greater responsibility as it deals with people’s eternities. We never know when we will breathe our last breath. So take every chance to live your faith out loud and invite people you know to church to hear about Jesus. Each weekend we preach the Gospel. We do that on purpose. It might be someone’s only or last chance to hear it!

We are still in a fight. Not a political fight or even a physical one…but an eternal one.

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