Why must it take so long?

Have you ever noticed when you want something to happen it always seems to take longer than you hope for? Right now, my wife and I are trying to build a house. We’ve moved out of our old house and are staying with her parents until we can get our new house built.

We have been talking about building a house for nearly 5 years now and now that it is approaching, we are ready to get this thing rolling. But we can’t seem to get our plans done or get things in motion. Everything we do seems to take longer than expected. Sometimes I hate the building process. I just want it to be there. I just want what I envision to appear.

I think sometimes I want that in all areas of my life. I want God to do this for me…now. I want to be a better leader…now. I want to be a better preacher…now. But what we don’t realize is what we despise most, the process, is actually where we live. There is always something to build, something to change, or something to learn. We must learn to simply embrace life is a process.

What God is showing me is that I need to learn to simply “live in the process”. It might be slower than I want, but it is in the process where I develop a greater appreciation for what I have on the other side. But it is still hard to wait.

4 thoughts on “Why must it take so long?

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