5-Star Vision

After last week’s strong message on volunteering, I thought I would take some time this week to unfold the vision more for all my subscribers. I hope the message was received with grace and that my church knows that I only want to see us DO what Jesus asked us to do. I love our church and plan to spend the rest of my life leading it to impact the world with the Gospel.

Our 5-Star Vision to treat people like VIP’s is going to shape how we do Guest Services. We recognize that we only get one chance to make a great first impression. We’ve done a great job making people feel welcome, but we now want to make people feel special. That is why we are working to adopt more of a concierge type mentality. Here are some of the things we are working through right now.

  • We want to figure out how to find first time guests the moment they drive on our property. We want to give them the best parking spots and personally greet them
  • We would love to have a golf-cart or two available for picking people up in the lot and driving them to the front doors (this one is expensive so if anyone wants to donate one…)
  • We want to have so many people serving each experience on the Impressions team that we can offer individual concierge attention to our first time guests.
  • Each trained concierge host will have a mission to make that person or family feel welcome and answer all their questions. They may offer to take them on a tour of the facility, help them get their kids checked in, offer to grab them coffee, help seat them and even leave a business card with them so they can remember their name and find them if they need anything.
  • We are working on a new brochure to give first time guests that will tell them a little more about us and help answer any questions they may have after they leave.
  • We are working on a follow-up procedure that will include a personal touch as well as possibly offer to deliver a pizza to their house or give them a gift card for a meal at some restaurant.

These are some of the ideas that we are discussing and working to implement. We did not think all of these up ourselves, some are inspired by some other great churches. You can see now why we have such a big need to double the number of volunteers.

If you have any thoughts or ideas to contribute, please leave comments. We are still developing all of this and welcome your input.  I will post more this week about what we are doing in other areas.

33 thoughts on “5-Star Vision

  1. For item #1, I think some signage pointing toward a designated prime parking area for first time visitors would help. Once they take advantage of that maybe we could issue them a 1 month parking pass for that parking area, for their return visits……………..just an idea.

  2. How about making up card anyone can pick up at the table at the doors. Have it on hand or just know its available if they have someone in mind to invite. This card could have a quote about Jesus inviting them into His house. The card can instruct them to apply it to their shirt so it would “stick-out”. Anyone available could greet them. A person to person telephone call. JUST A SUGGESTION.

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