Are you partying enough?

Perhaps the title of this blog entry got your attention? Let me first say I’m not talking about the type of partying where you hit the clubs with friends, get hammered, do stupid human tricks and wake up with a horrible headache. That type of partying is destructive.

But to touch on something that I shared at 4W this week, I don’t think we party enough in the church. Or let me put it this way, I don’t think we celebrate enough. For some reason we feel guilt for throwing a party, as if we should be spending the money more wisely.

But I would argue that throwing a party is a God-inspired biblical thing to do. God told the Israelites that every year they were to set aside times to simply celebrate. In Deuteronomy 16:15, God commanded the Israelites to party for 7 days straight and celebrate God’s goodness and provision. And this isn’t just an OT thing. The Bible says when we get to Heaven, we are headed to a serious banquet (Luke 14:15-24.)

It’s clear that God understands the importance of taking a break and even celebrating His goodness. As a church, I want to do that more often. Every year we hold a Volunteer Event to appreciate our volunteers. We spend money on them, provide luxuries and give away tons of prizes. But that’s just the beginning. I want to continually be celebrating all the good things God is doing in our church. We are planning ways to make this happen!

In your life, are you taking time to party (in a responsible way of course?) Are you celebrating major events and family achievements? Are you taking moments to reflect on what God brings you through or how He blesses your life? If you feel guilty for doing it, just take a cue from our Creator and live it up!

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