Are you self-aware?

This past weekend I spent some time with a leader of a large growing church who continuously kept imparting to me SELF-AWARENESS. As I keep replaying those conversations in my mind, I am beginning to realize what it means to be self-aware. What I have found is that most of us don’t want to be self-aware (including myself). We would rather be self-liars instead.

Many times we think we are good at things we are not.
Often we kid ourselves into thinking we can handle things we cannot.
We often fail to see our weaknesses because we think it makes us weak.
We easily over inflate our strengths to provide us with self-worth.

As I have begun to assess myself HONESTLY, I have found that I must embrace my weakness and personality tendencies. I am beginning to see that things I don’t do well doesn’t make me a failure…it just shows me what I’m not WIRED to do. Only when we can truly become honest with who we are can we get the right people around us to move us to where we want to go!

So what are some weakness you have that you need to embrace? In the next few posts I’ll share some more insights to discovering self-awareness.

3 thoughts on “Are you self-aware?

  1. I read this blog and it really pegged me perfectly. I’m a supervisor at my security job at port Columbus airport and I’m not bad at it but I’m also not great at it either. I will be promoted to site captain soon and I totally feel not ready at all. I always thought that I would be an awesome leader, but I figured by this experience that I am in no way shape or form have the makings to be in such a position. Hopefully this all makes sense lol

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