Chasing it or living it?

The other day in my devotion time with God, I was writing down my prayers as I often do in my journal.  Many of my prayers often land on what I dream that God use me to do for Him.  I am just driven to not WASTE my life.  I have one chance to do all that I can to bring Him glory.  One of my greatest fears is that I would look back on life with regrets that I didn’t do all that I could for Christ.  As I was praying about a specific dream I have for my life, this statement just came out.

God, may I never be chasing a dream that I never realize I’m living the dream!

I stopped writing.  I had to read it again.  It hit me.  I could spend my entire life running after something, even something for God, and miss enjoying the ride.  I paused and reflected on the incredible things God has already done in just a few short years.

  • I thought about how faithful God has been to my family and how he has blessed us financially to own a house and cars and more!  That’s a dream.
  • I thought about how our church has grown 6x our size in 2 short years.  That’s a dream.
  • I thought about how God has used us to lead over 200 people to place their faith in Christ in 2 years.  That’s a dream.

You see, often we can continue to aspire to greater levels and forget how far God has brought us.  This permeates everything we do and every facet of life.

  • Don’t chase a dream of seeing your kids grown and responsible that you forget to enjoy them now!
  • Don’t chase a dream for upper level management, that you don’t enjoy less responsibility and more freedom today.
  • Don’t chase a ministry dream that you lose sight of how God is using your faithfulness now!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to have dreams and to chase them.  Just don’t forget to thank God as you go and enjoy what He has done so far.

Realize you are living it!

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