Easter sellout?

Taking a break from the 7 myths blogs to post about Easter at Crossroads Church. I have read all the church signs and know that Easter is a huge time for all Christian churches. Everyone is doing special communion services and most churches will be decorated with Easter lilies. But ours won’t!

We are kicking off a new relationship series called “The Hookup” about the marriage relationship. We have some incredible creative stuff planned for this weekend because we know that it is one of our best chances to reach people who don’t know Jesus. Are we selling out to the tradition of Easter? I wonder what Jesus would think about our Easter service? [My Student Pastor and I talked about this just today!]

In my mind we have church every weekend because Jesus is alive. We have hope because he is alive. Not just one weekend a year…but every day. To me what makes Easter special is not that we finally remember one weekend out of the year that Jesus rose from the grave, but that we will be flooded with people who don’t have the hope that we have. This might be the one time a person steps into a church all year. So our experiences are geared for them. This weekend, Easter is not about me. It’s about sharing the incredibly good news with people who don’t know Jesus. Instead of having to remind those who are already in the church that Jesus is alive, maybe we should focus on telling someone who doesn’t know! And to do that, we have to be willing to dump many of the traditions and be real and relevant.

Crossroads get ready for an incredible experience and bring as many people as you can. They will have an opportunity to accept Christ!

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