7 myths continued…

7 Myths about pastors continues…

Myth#2 – Pastors are ‘holier’ than other Christians.

I have experienced this and so has every pastor. People think because you are a pastor it somehow makes you ‘holier’ than everyone else. This is often why so many pastors crumble under the weight of expectations. People put pastors on a 2″ wide pedestal and expect them to be perfect and never to fall off! That just isn’t possible and sometimes those expectations cause pastors to falter even more.

IMO, this persona of pastors was created by pastors. Too many pastors get up to speak in front of their congregation with pretension. Too many pastors teach TO their audience without teaching TO themselves. It can be easy to create a facade from up front that leads people to believe you are nearly perfect! Which is also why I believe so many people have left the church. They just can’t measure up! Little do they know they are trying to measure up to something fake!

The truth is we pastors are just like everyone else. We don’t have red and blue tights on under our clothes! We struggle with many of the same temptations that everyone struggles with (Jesus did too!). I personally try to be as real as possible when I speak. I want people to know that I struggle with money issues, or being selfish or making time every day to pray and read my Bible. I believe if pastors would stop trying to be superman in public, they would find people can respect them for being real. (Unless there is nothing real about them)

Are pastors holier than other Christians? No. The biggest differences is that a pastor is CALLED to ministry. And every pastor better know that the Bible teaches that pastors/teachers of God’s Word are held to a higher standard. Of course, that alone should scare pastors to try to be holier!

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