Finish Strong – Part1

In my senior year of high school I ran track.  I wasn’t the best, but by the end of the season I figured out that the 800 was my event.

I entered the regional qualifiers without much expectation.  But, as the race began I found myself in the lead!  I thought to myself, “I’m going to tear this up…I’m going to win.”  However part way into the 2nd lap, people started passing me.  I didn’t know what was happening, but my body wasn’t going to let me sustain that pace.  It was starting to shut down.

However, I was determined to finish.  Some of the people who passed me, ended up dropping to their knees only yards from the finish line.  Although I wasn’t running faster than them, I did finish!  I didn’t give up.  I might not have been able to sustain the pace I wanted, but I wasn’t about to quit!

In life, we approach things ready to “tear it up”.  We have big plans for our career, plans for our family, plans for our ministry.  But then we often discover that many of these things are more difficult than anticipated.  The career doesn’t go where you want.  You struggle to have children.  The ministry doesn’t seem to grow!

It is at that point when we must decide to either give up and bow out of the race or to finish strong!

Tomorrow I’ll talk about what it means to finish strong.

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