Syncopated Answers

The feeling we often get when we pray for something and nothing happens is that God said “No”.  But that’s not always the case.  Just because something doesn’t happen the moment you pray, doesn’t mean God hasn’t ALREADY answered it.  It might just be that you haven’t seen the answer yet.  Let me explain it in music terms.

I played drums for many years on a worship band. The most important part of playing drums is keeping time.  A good drummer keeps a consistent beat so the rest of the band can stay in sync.  But when you hear a drummer that really grabs your attention, it’s not just because he can keep time well.  Typically, it’s the syncopated rhythms that he plays.

Syncopation is when someone stresses the unstressed beats.  It when someone plays “in between” the beats or plays what is unexpected.   That is often what brings the creativity and beauty to music.

We must realize that God is not limited by the beats of our time.  When we pray, “God heal this person”, we mean now.  When we say, “God change my husband” we mean today.  Let’s face it, the rhythm of our life marches to the beat of our own drum.

What if God wants to play “in between” the beats of our life?  Perhaps God has answered your prayer, but not WHEN you expect it.

I have been praying for my workout partner to truly meet Christ.  I have invited him to church many times and even shared the gospel with him.  I’ve been working out with him for nearly two years now and nothing has happened.  Just this week, he said to me that one of his clients goes to our church. (By the way he lives pretty far from our church)  He said, “She was raving about your church and how much she and her daughter loves it.”  I could see that it sparked an interest in him.  That’s not coincidence, that’s a prayer God answered.  I just didn’t happen to the beat of my drum.

I want to encourage you to keep praying.  Don’t lose hope just because someone doesn’t come to church with you this weekend or doesn’t get healed the moment you prayed.  God hears your prayers and He responds.  It might just come when you least expect it.

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