God has other plans

I’ve been learning to pray differently when God doesn’t answer the way I hoped He would.

Lately, I’ve been wrestling with some things and praying about it for a couple months.  I’ve tried to pray from every possible angle.  Yet, maybe it’s not the angle that matters but rather His WILL.

When you don’t see God answer your prayers the way you think He should, start asking God to show you what He WANTS to do.  Sometimes God allows difficulty and testing in our lives to move us from where we are to where He wants us to be.   Until you stop TALKING to God about what you want you’ll never HEAR what He wants.

Since I began praying that way, I have found a peace in the midst of the challenge.  I can’t explain it, but I don’t feel anxious about it anymore.  Instead, I’m actually getting excited to think that God has something BETTER for me than what I’ve been praying for.

If we believe Matthew 7:11 is TRUE, then we must know that God has our best interest at heart.  He’s like a father that only wants the best for his kids.  He truly does care about your situations.

When you don’t see something happening the way you prayed for it, try praying these prayers.

  • God, what do you want to do in me through this?
  • God, what is your will for this situation?
  • God, what new direction do you want me to take?

You’ll be amazed at how your attitude goes from disappointment to anticipation!  When one door closes its often because God has another door he wants you to walk through.

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