I know you are there…

This past weekend, we wrapped up The Wall campaign with a big commitment Sunday. I have been asking people to join with me to help us expand our auditorium. Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact total of what was pledged because we are still waiting on some of the final pledges. I can tell you this, with the amount that was pledged so far we CAN move forward!!

Some of my thoughts from this…
I was moved by how many pledge cards we received.
I saw many names that I did not recognize giving to this vision.
My wife doubled me up for our pledge after God already told me to double it (quadrupled). (She is still more generous than I am at times!!)

Sometimes you never know if you are standing on a ledge by yourself or if anyone else is willing to jump with you. From this past weekend, I know you are there. I know you are with me and ready to jump when I jump.

I love my church!

Thanks to all who have invested in this vision to help MORE people get on the path to God. I can’t wait to share the totals this weekend with every at Crossroads.

One thought on “I know you are there…

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