Okay, to say I am a little excited about this weekend’s message is an understatement.

Not only is it our opportunity to give in a big way to fund our expansion project, but I believe it will be so incredibly inspirational to you. I don’t want to give it away, but the things we are planning to share and show you will move you…if you have a pulse. God is working in big ways and we get to be part of it.

This weekend don’t forget 2 things:

1) To set your clocks forward 1 hour for Daylights Savings Time.
2) To bring your greatest gift to help us expand our auditorium. (Bring it separate from your regular tithes or offerings as we will do something special to collect it.) I believe it is our honor to build God’s Kingdom before our own. (See Matthew 6:33)

I can’t wait and I’m praying that we see God move in the most incredible ways. Join me in praying for this weekend and expect great things!

40 thoughts on “So PUMPED!

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