Launching The Loft

This weekend we are “officially” launching our new Loft for our students.  We are encouraging all parents and students to head to The Loft after your Weekend Experience to meet the new youth staff and check out their new space.  It is located near the back of the Boulevard down our graffiti Alley.

I am sending this post out to ask for some help in furnishing it.  Some of the furnishings in The Loft were part of the TNT project and funds were set aside at the beginning of that project for them (TV’s, gaming consoles, etc).  We had planned to purchase couches, tables and chairs out of our own “pocket” as a church.  However, with the impact of the economy our finances have not positioned us to do so.

We are asking for your help to fill the room with couches and other furnishings for our youth.  So far, we have had several good couches donated.  We still need some more.  If you have a “decent” quality couch that you would like to donate to our youth, we are interested.  We first want to inspect them all to see if they will work in the Loft.

Sorry, but these beggars will be choosers when it comes to our youth.  We are not looking for any ugly dated floral printed couches that your grandmother bought in the 50’s.  But if you have some modern couches that you just replaced or want to replace that are in decent shape, please email Joe Miller.

Or if you would like to donate some money specifically to help us get some good used couches from Craigslist, let us know as well here.

Many are already stepping up to the plate.  That’s what I love about our Church!

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