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This past weekend, we launched a new series called “LeaderSheep”.  Yes, it’s a play on words and obviously it’s about leadership.  I thought in the spirit of this new series, that I would take some time this week to share some leadership principles that may help those of you in leadership roles.  Whether you are a teacher, supervisor, CFO or a parent, we all can develop and grow more as an effective leader.

Today I just want to recap some of the things that I preached on this past weekend regarding LeaderSheep.

  • Most sheep are followers.  But there is a breed of sheep known as Leader Sheep.  They have instinctive abilities to lead other sheep.
  • I really did try to fill our church with real sheep.  Still waiting for someone to bring us a bunch of them!
  • I believe all of us can be transformed from Ordinary Sheep into Leader Sheep.
  • I shared this important thought:  Why is it that when it rains…sheep don’t shrink?
  • Spoke from Romans 12:1-2 which says that our reasonable response to God’s mercy is to NOT conform to the patterns of this world.
  • Some of the patterns I shared probably ruffled a few feathers.  (Like the ones about love and marriage)
  • I don’t believe we should ever compare the most important human relationship (Marriage) God gave us to buying a stupid car.
  • If you think you should “try it before you buy it” by having sex or living with your boyfriend or girlfriend before marriage you follow a pattern of this world.
  • Yes, I spoke directly to students this week about keeping your pants on.
  • We cannot transform ourselves…only God can do it.
  • God WILL transform our minds when we are willing to get on the altar and be a living sacrifice for him.
  • That means when we hear His Word and read it, we must RESPOND.
  • Most Christians want to know what God’s will is for their lives.  You can only discover it when you surrender to Him and become a living sacrifice.

I truly believe that everyone that knows Christ has been transformed into a LeaderSheep.  God wants to conform you into the image of his Son rather than you conforming to the world around you.

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