The Leadersheep Pain

The idea of being a leader has a nice ring to it.  Many want the recognition and title, yet few realize the sacrifice.  Being a leader is not always as glamorous as it sounds.  Here’s how it plays out in church ministry for me or many of my leaders.

  • When major decisions have to be made, we have to give up evenings to get together and it affects our time with our families.
  • When people are having a crisis in their life, we have to adjust our schedules to make time for them.
  • When hard things need to be said, we get to say it.
  • When challenges are brought to the church, we have already faced them and responded.
  • When we ask people to give to a vision opportunity, we feel the need to give on a greater level.
  • When we try something and it fails, we must humbly admit it.
  • When we see something lacking in God’s church, we carry a burden for it.
  • When we stand before God we have to give an account not just for ourselves but also for those we lead.

You see, being a leader even in a church setting sounds great.  People joke about pastors only working 1 day a week.  As if the rest of the week they get to play golf or sit by the pool.  Many do not know the burden and sacrifice that comes with ministry.

You want to know the truth?  Being a leader is a sacrifice that few are willing to pay.  In fact, the Bible discourages people who want to lead for the wrong motives.

James 3:1 says, “Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.”

It is often easy to criticize and pick apart people in leadership positions.  The next time you think negative thoughts about the people leading you, I would encourage you to pause for a moment and thank God that someone is willing to sacrifice a lot for you.  They may not always get it right, but they give up a lot trying.

To all of my leaders…I honor you for the sacrifice you have made for this church and for me.  Thanks for being willing to give up so others can grow up in Christ.

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