Preaching for Life change

What many people in our church don’t know is that I never grasped the importance in preaching for life change until probably about 2 years ago. I was fairly good at putting together messages that would relate to people. I have worked hard at delivery and practice often before I get up to preach. But I didn’t know that what I was missing the most was how to preach for life change. Then God used a mentor of mine to convict me!

I always knew in my head that Jesus was the only one who could really change lives, but somehow in practice I was trying to do it with persuasive words and eloquence. I wasn’t relying on the fact that the Gospel IS the power of God to change lives and save people (Rom 1:16).

I was convicted. I had to ask God to forgive me. Since then, I’ve been preaching for life change. That means I’m preaching Jesus and the message of the cross with everything in me. People have told me that I a different preacher now. (That’s why!) The very thing I used to shy away from has become the catalyst to bring more life change than I could imagine.

This past Easter weekend, we saw 18 people make commitments to Christ. That was just the people who TOLD us. I have heard stories of people beginning to seek counseling for their marriage and wanting to save it now!! How did that happen? Was it anything special that I said that convinced people?

Not really. I just preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a real conviction and faith to believe that it is the POWER OF GOD to change lives!

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