The Discipleship Chair

Another chair that the church often wrestles with is the Discipleship Chair.  We have faced an increasing challenge to lead people beyond the point of accepting Christ to becoming more like Him.  That is a tall order.  We have tried discipleship classes, small groups, newcomer classes and more.  To be honest, we still haven’t landed in this area.  But here are some of my thoughts.

Someone once posed this question to me:  How much do you think the church is RESPONSIBLE for in the growth of a Christian?  I never thought about that before.  It seems that most church-goers think the church is SOLO responsible for helping them become a disciple.  So much so many in the church rely on the services and programs that the church creates for their growth.

The problem is when we stand before God at the end of this life, we can’t blame the church for not having enough programs or classes.  We can’t blame the church for not providing debt counseling so we couldn’t give.  We can’t blame the church for not giving us enough opportunities to share our faith.  We ALONE are responsible for ourselves.

That means we all must take the initiative to feed ourselves (true maturity).  We must be digging into the Word of God ourselves every day.  We must be asking God to show us what His Word means.  We must make time to pray and not wait for a church organized prayer meeting.  The church should be leading people to the water, but it can’t make people drink.

I do believe the church has a big role in making disciples.  But a big part is what the church does is offer an incredible corporate time for people to worship God and be fed by His Word.  We feed people the Word of God and equip them to serve others and reach out the community.  We can’t overlook how big of a thing that is.

We are still working on keeping church simple but also providing jump starting points for new believers.  But I’m just not sure to what extent the church is called to cater food to Christians versus spending time feeding those who are spiritually without Christ.

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