Throw your Bible away

Yes, you read that correctly.  I feel that many Christians should just throw their Bible away.  After all, if you aren’t going to actually follow what it says, then why keep it?

This might sound more like a rant than a helpful blog post.  This might sound harsh, but someone has to say it.  And this isn’t a post about anyone in particular.

I’ve run into too many people who claim to follow Christ but refuse to do what the Bible says.  This is their MO…

  • They get offended but never take the steps Jesus gave in Matthew 18 to deal with the offense.  Instead they run away mad or gossip about their offense.
  • When they are confronted with their sin, instead of repenting, they make excuses and blame others to manage their guilt.
  • They give their heart to the god of luxury and comfort rather than to build God’s Kingdom.
  • They refuse to serve in any capacity, even though Jesus didn’t come to be served but to serve and give his life for us.  (But we claim to FOLLOW him.)
  • They like to pick and choose what they want to believe or receive from the Bible as long as it agrees with their way of thinking.
  • Typically, they never read it anyways.

If you aren’t going to read it, receive from it or do what it says, why keep it?  Or better yet, if you can find someone who doesn’t own one, give it to them.

There…now I feel better.  Life can go on.

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