Weekend Recap

This past Sunday we continued asking the question, “What do I love?”  This series is not a pick you up and make you feel good series, but rather taking a dose of truth serum from the Bible.  We’ve been talking about the challenging statements from the Bible about what it means to be a Christ-follower.  This past weekend we re-lived one of the most intense request for sacrifice God ever made.   Here are some highlights:

  • Yes, I traded in 2 amazing Spanish steel swords to buy a skateboard.  I was stupid!
  • How often do we place a greater value on things of less importance?
  • Before God could use Abraham to begin a great nation, he tested him.
  • Before God will use us to do great things for he will press down on the things we love the most.
  • God asked Abraham to give up the one thing he loved the most…his son Isaac.
  • I was shocked by what Abraham did…He got up EARLY the next day.  (I would have surely slept in that day)  (Gen 22:3)
  • Made this statement:  “Delayed Obedience is really Disobedience”  What are you delaying that God has asked you to do?
  • Isaac carrying the wood up the mountain is a prophetic picture of the greatest sacrifice ever – Jesus!!
  • Don’t remove the feeling from the story.  Abraham had to build an altar and tie his son up.   How stinkin’ hard would that have been?
  • In the end, you always GAIN more than you lose when you sacrifice for God.
  • Bible says that because Abraham was going to sacrifice his only son, that God blessed him greatly (Gen 22:16-17)
  • If you want God to use you to do something significant for Him, you will be asked to sacrifice.  How you respond will dictate your destiny!

If you missed it, you can watch here.

Cannot wait until this weekend.  I promise you it will be a powerful experience.  As well, I think the band is going to sing a David Cook song!!   I love his music.

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