What’s the deal with the tickets?

It’s Christmas time, and that means you’ve got to get a ticket to go to church! Say what? Yep, here at Crossroads, we are asking everyone who wants to attend a Christmas Experience to get a ticket. Oh, by the way…they are FREE tickets.

The question that many people ask is, “Why do I need to get a ticket if it is free to get in?” I wanted to take a few moments to help you understand why tickets are very important for big events in our church.

The biggest reason is to make sure there is ENOUGH room for you when you show up. Last Christmas we had around 1,100 people attend our Christmas Experiences. This year we are expecting more. Our auditorium only holds 250…jammed in. Imagine what would happen if 400 people showed up for one particular experience! I’d hate to tell 150 people to try back at another time.

So, it might seem somewhat of an annoyance to have to reserve tickets, but it really is for your benefit. It also helps us track which times are best for our church for future Christmas Experiences.

Also, remember to get a ticket for anyone you are bringing with you. If you invite someone, make sure they get a ticket to the same experience.

Just a friendly piece of advice: I would not wait until the last minute to make a decision. We’ve already given out almost 800 tickets, and some of the experiences are almost sold out. And it’s only December 6th.

Click here for Christmas Tickets

36 thoughts on “What’s the deal with the tickets?

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