Set the table…first.

We all have to start somewhere. I remember my first job out of High School. I was a cart boy for a local general store. I’m not sure if that was my official title, but that’s what I did. I walked the parking lot and corralled carts. When I wasn’t doing that…I was cleaning the public restrooms. It wasn’t a very glorious job. But I did it well!

Most of us have grand ambitions or goals for life.  We can’t wait until we’re the one in charge. We can’t wait until we can reach a higher altitude.

You might be working as a cashier, but you want to become shift manager or floor supervisor.
You might be an accountant, but you have dreams of being accounting manager one day.
You might be a camera operator, but you hope to become the producer soon.

Even when it comes to ministry, we can look at some of the heroes in the Bible and think, “I wish I had their influence.” Peter was the guy that started this whole church movement. He gave the famous sermon in Acts 2 where 3,000 people got saved. I couldn’t imagine that!!

But Peter wasn’t always preaching to the masses. He didn’t start out that way. He started out following Jesus doing whatever was asked of him. At one point, Peter seemed more like a bus boy than a preacher.

Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover.” (Luke 22:8)

I read this verse and laughed. Jesus asked Peter to “go set the table.” It seemed like such a small job for someone so important to our faith. Yet, Peter was faithful to do even the littlest jobs.

When you show your faithfulness in the small roles, God opens doors for bigger ones. Too many of us in today’s society want success handed to us. We don’t want to work our way up. We want to start at the top.

But it doesn’t work that way in life or with God. Matthew 5:23 says, “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.'”

Be faithful in the small things and watch how God opens the doors for bigger opportunities.

8 thoughts on “Set the table…first.

  1. oh such a GREAT teaching Pastor!!! it is ESPECIALLY beneficial if our YOUTH hear this…they ALL seem to want to start OUT as Presidents of companies, NEVER as bus boys! it’s a SAD SAD generation! they ALL have a sense of entitlement, JUST because they are BREATHING! some of the GREATEST lessons in life, and the memories made, come from the “bottom” of things…job, situations, etc. we are SOOOO blessed to have YOU as our leader, AND for your wonderful insight! NEVER STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!! God bless u…

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