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As many of you know, we have invested lots of $$ and hours into our new ccKids facility (The Boulevard).  We invested in our kids first because we believe in them and want them to know Christ.  It’s actually an outreach strategy.  Most statistics say about 80% of people who give their lives to Christ do it by the age 18.  So perhaps, they are worth investing in.  Here are some of the things we are doing to give every kid that comes to Crossroads a 5-star experience.

  • We are finishing up The Loft (new space for Jr and Sr High groups).  We still need couches (good stuff) if you can donate any.
  • We are investing big money in the kids space to reach people who never go to church or are disillusioned by it.    People who have an issue with this should read this post by Joe Miller.  Enough said.
  • We want to double the number of people in our Impressions team and install the Concierge Team in the youth facility as well.
  • We still have work to do to finish our ccKids Studio room.  We’re going to need help for this soon.
  • Beth, our ccKids Director, is working to add more teachers and helpers to each room so individual kids can get more focus.  But to do this…we NEED you!
  • We want to launch a 5-6 grade experience in The Loft and need leaders and teachers who are willing to invest in our kids at possibly the MOST important time of their lives.

Let’s just say, we care about our kids.  I care about my own kids and I want to do everything I can to build the most amazing Kids and Youth program I can.

It bothers me that nearly 80% of kids who are raised in the church walk away from it when they graduate.  I want to CHANGE that at Crossroads and I will do everything in my power to make that happen.  But I can’t do it alone.  I need your help.  Our kids need your help.

Listen, if you are a parent of kids who attend at Crossroads…YOU NEED TO DO SOMETHING.  Don’t just drop them off every week and hope they learn about God.  Be part of it.  Be a helper, be a teacher, heck, be a bouncer.  Just get involved.

Are you ready?  If so, go here and fill out our volunteer application online!

Oh and you must have a background check before you can help out.  (And speeding tickets won’t disqualify you)

2 thoughts on “5-Star Kids Experience

  1. There are many out there who go to thier cc groups on Wednesdays that I am apealing to. If some of you could come to the church on Wednesdays for a few weeks, we can get a few substantial tasks done on the Loft Project. We need to get a few pipes in the ground for wire and drains and then final grading for concrete out between the buildings. We need to get the chain link “walls” built upstairs to help secure the Loft and we need to comlplete a few other things that will fall into place when the concrete patio is poured. I can’t do it on my own and have had some help in the past, but we need some help now to complete the project. Many hands will make light work. Please come help? I will be there this Wednesday, so be there or be square.

  2. I will be there tonight (8/30/2010) to do post holes with you. Please call me if that is not happening at 6:00. Thanks! (740) 360-4332.

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