Praying for Promises

As we near the end of this 12 day church wide fast for 2012, I pray that God has worked in your life in a powerful way. For me, this season has refocused my spirit on Christ.  I have journaled each day and God has really moved me to pray for specific things this year for our church.  God has also renewed my confidence in His promises for me and for our church.

Perhaps this fasting season has prompted you to pray for miracles.  As this fast ends, let me encourage you to not stop praying and believing God for His promises.  This fast might just be the awakening in your spirit to believe again.

I’m reminded of the promise that God gave to Abraham regarding his son, Isaac.  God promised Abraham that he would be a father of many nations.  There was only one problem, he didn’t have any children!  I’m sure he would have just been happy to be a father to one!

Abraham waited 25 years to see God’s promise fulfilled!  There were times when he surely gave up believing it would ever happen (see Gen 16.)  God had to renew his promise to him 15 years in just so he would continue to believe.

I sure hope that you and I don’t have to wait that long to see some of the promises we are believing for from God.  But, it is a great reminder that just because we prayed and fasted for 12 days, it doesn’t mean that we will obtain the promise now.  It might just mean that God has released the promise to us in His time.

I want to encourage you to continue to press in and pray through your miracle.  Don’t just pray for it, but pray it through. Pray until you see it happen.  Pray with complete confidence and faith that God is hearing you, and that He is moving on your behalf – even if you have yet to see it.

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