Silencing your critics – Part 1

No one likes to have critics.  Their words often hurt us emotionally even if we don’t show it.  I have experienced my share of criticism for leading Crossroads.  But what I didn’t expect was the natural desire in me to silence my critics.  I have at times wanted so badly to blast someone back or blog about their remarks or in some what “make it right” by me.

The other day I was reading from 2 Samuel 16, when King David fled the city because he was afraid that his son Absalom was going to take over the throne.  As David and his guys were riding away a man from Saul’s family, Shimei, came out cursing David and his men and threw rocks at them. (2 Samuel 16:5-14)

David had the power to take this guy out.  In fact, one of David’s men asked if he could go cut of his head.  David told him not to do it.

I was blown away by David’s lack of reaction.  I think I might have let the soldier take his head off.  But David let Shimei curse and criticize and simply went on his way.

He ignored his critic, he didn’t make him shut up.

There is something about taking the high road that is painful to do.  Perhaps the greatest example of this is Jesus when he was falsely accused before being crucified.  He simply stayed quiet.

Maybe a lesson to be learned is that if we are going to remain focused on what God has called us to do we must not stoop to a critics level or we will lose altitude.

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