As most of our church now knows, we are moving to a new domain name – crossroads.tv.  Some may wonder why we are making this change after several years at our old domain – crossroadschurchwired.com.  Let me list for you several reasons why:

  1. Branding.  Having the URL crossroads.tv is incredible for branding purposes.  This helps us as we seek to launch future sites.  Having a URL that is easily remembered is VERY important.  We were not able to get this domain in years past due to Internet domain sharks selling it at a very expensive price.  God opened the door for us to get it this year for CHEAP!  I honestly believe it is just one step toward our 5/10 dream.
  2. Evangelism.  Our old URL, although descriptive, is very lengthy.  We want to make it easy for you to invite people to our church through our URL.  A shorter and more memorable URL will help retention.
  3. Reach.  We want to use the Internet to expand our reach of the Gospel.  One way we can do this is by putting our presentation of the Gospel online!  Right now, all we put online is our messages.  In the future we hope to put our ENTIRE experience online and even create an opportunity for people to “go to church” online with Crossroads.  This is not to replace meeting together, but hopefully to extend our reach to places outside of our physical sphere.  You may not know this, but people all around the world have been watching our messages online.  In fact our number is climbing to nearly 200 views each week.  I know of people in Florida, Canada, California, Tennessee and other parts of the world who tune in.
  4. Better Fit.  This URL is a better fit for our vision of using multimedia, through future campuses and online, to share the Gospel.  The .tv extension usually implies sites with visual media.  We have plans to design our website with the main intention being a visual presentation of the Gospel…Crossroads Style.

Also, we are currently refacing our site to make it more user-friendly.  We hope to have the new look unveiled shortly.  As well, we are working on a mobile site for crossroads.tv.

Don’t worry, our old URL will not expire for quite some time.  We know that we have a lot of literature in our community with that URL.  Soon our site will migrate fully to the crossroads.tv domain, and the old URL will redirect you.  We will leave plenty of time for people to embrace the new name.

One thought on “Why CROSSROADS.TV?

  1. So excited to see we are moving closer to the 5/10 dream. I am thankful to be part of a church with such a great vision and the willingness to make changes to accomplish them. I believe we are all called to reach out to others and in this day of technology this is just another step to help us do that.

    Thanks Tim for listening to God’s Word and leading us to make a difference in many people’s lives.

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