I need you…

Last fall we did a series called “What do I ♥.”  We talked about a word that many Christians today want to avoid – Sacrifice. This was more than just a series, it was a campaign. We asked people to give up their seats on Sunday morning to help us reach people who don’t know Jesus. We asked many in our church to move to Saturday as we launched 2 Saturday Experiences at the beginning of December.

To the 200+ people that moved to Saturday all I can say is WOW!! Your sacrifice has impacted our church in a BIG way!! God is using your seat to help us reach people who don’t know Him. This past Sunday at our 11:15 experience it was literally standing room only! We had to bring up the lights and ask people to move in tight to make room. It was an exciting yet very sobering moment for me.

I’m excited to see that the sacrifice of our people has shown immediate dividends. Our church has grown over the past 2 months because people gave up their seats. We have seen MANY give their lives to Christ over the past few weekends and we almost ran out of Next Step kits. God is moving in a BIG way in our church right now and I believe it is because of the sacrifices so many have made in Fasting and giving up their seats.

The sobering part is the realization that we are running out of room again. I can’t stand to think that our facility is limiting what I believe God wants to do through us. We are working through some of the plans I mentioned in the Lion Chaser series. Yet, I believe this incredible move requires an immediate response.

If you are currently attending on Sunday and are not already in a serving role for that day, would you sacrifice your seat (especially at the 11:15am experience) for someone who needs to meet Jesus? With your help, you will be playing a big role in reaching our 5/10 dream.

We have 2 experience times on Saturday: 5:15pm & 6:45pm.

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